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Heather Caldwell Merrell asked question about Juneau, United States

I am a wheelchair user. My husband, son, and I are planning a cruise to Alaska. I am looking for input about the best family friendly cruiselines as well as input about accessibility in Alaskan ports of call. I named Juneau above because I had to pick a city. I don't know if Juneau will be a part of our cruise or not. Thank you in advance! Read more Read less

Siniša Kekić recommended Finnegan’s Wake to Igor Buzatovic

Edinburgh is a great place to visit. You should definitely go there if you can. I enjoyed it tremendously.
Review: Hi, It’s been a while since I was there in 2005, but I vividly remember Finnegan’s Wake, a great pub with daily live music of talented bands and colorful characters. As I recall, there were no stairs at the entrance and the floor was leveled, so I’m sure you and your friend would enjoy it.
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Igor Buzatovic asked question about Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hi guys, Any cool place in Edinburgh you guys could recommend for having fun in the evenings? I would like to visit the town with my wheelchair-bound friend who loves going to concerts and music events. Thanks a lot Read more Read less

Siniša Kekić recommended The Westin Zagreb to Andrea Barkovic

Fully accessible bathrooms and spacious rooms
Review: A great 5 star hotel close to the town center.
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Siniša Kekić recommended Arcotel Allegra Zagreb to Andrea Barkovic

2 accessible bathrooms
Review: A great hotel, but a bit expensive for 4 stars.
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Sandra Freedman asked question about Louisville, United States

I'd like to take a cruise with a friend who uses an electric wheelchair, are there any cruise lines that have ships with better accessibility? Read more Read less

Andrea Barkovic asked question about Zagreb, Croatia

Hi guys, My friend from London wants to visit Zagreb in spring with her boyfriend. She is a paraplegic that needs fully accessible accommodation. Also she is a bit of a culture buff, so which hotels and museums could you recommend? Thanks, Andrea Read more Read less

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