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Siniša Kekić reviewed Vienna Hauptbahnhof

Great hotel! Spacious rooms, accessible bathrooms, toilet handle-bars, roll-in showers... Ideal for wheelchair users.
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Siniša Kekić reviewed Edinburgh Castle

What a grand, formidable and historically rich place! Did not check if there's an accessible toilet while I was visiting, but a wheelchair user can access the very top of the castle and enjoy both a magnificent skyline of the city and an unobstructed view of the North Sea. Best to come during the Fringe festival.
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Jacob Healey reviewed Olympiastadion

Watched a football match there once. The stadium is below ground level, has a nice slope leading to the top floor. Great view all around.
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Siniša Kekić reviewed Musée d'Orsay

Really enjoyed this place! Haven't search for a bathroom at that particular time when I was visiting so not sure about its accessibility, but remember the elevators and hallways being leveled, spacious and without any obstacles. Even though I was there in already ancient 2003, I still have very fond memories of this former grand central station adopted into a museum and it was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris.
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Siniša Kekić reviewed Delta

If you a wheelchair user, avoid this hotel in all cases! They claim accessibility, and my companions confirmed our booked 2nd floor room to be accessible, but they have an entrance step, a couple of stairs before the elevator, and check this out: the elevator is some 80 cm in length, you cannot even enter the damn litter box! Had to look for another hotel in the middle of the night and they did not even want to return the money.
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Michael Tarulli asked question about Stockholm, Sweden

I'm looking for long term fully furnished accomodation in Sodermalm - accessibility preferred - I'm a paraplegic walker. I'm set to be there in April 28. Also, to make life easy for me I need to know who I can obtain medical information from or use as a resource such our equivalent of AQA and Independence Australia? I'm staying between 6 months to a year. Need to source medical equipment such as Speedicaths or similar from these places. Your help is much appreciated. Michael Read more Read less

sharon asked question about Frankfurt, Germany

Sorry I haven't specified where I want to travel to but my partner has CP and uses a fixed hoist for getting in and out of bed because he is scared of portable hoists. My question is does any member know of any accommodation that provides fixed hoists in bedrooms please. Any response would be greatly appreciated Read more Read less

Colleen Montini reviewed Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

Huge elevators and plenty of space in and around the exhibits! A fun place to visit! If you happen to be from around San Francisco, mention it because they don't advertise it but they do have a locals discount.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Alioto's

If this was just about the food, the review would be 5 stars. The Swordfish Involtini (baked swordfish stuffed with crab served with pasta) and wine suggestion were out of this world. Accessibility....the elevator to the restaurant was very small and it was an effort to wedge my chair in. There were ramps leading to our table (a corner by the window - watching the sunset over the SF harbor - amazing!) but you had to watch out for the stands that the servers put their trays on that are placed along the ramp. I asked where the restrooms were and was told that they were back downstairs in their other more casual restaurant. I decided to wait until the end of the meal and to his credit, our server met us downstairs to show us exactly where to go. There was a line for the men's and women's room - they are single user bathrooms - one for each sex and serving 2 restaurants?! I did hear the bartender tell some people there were more upstairs so I am guessing they just were not accessible. Waited about 10 minutes to get in and it was completely accessible but you have to watch out for all the wet paper towels discarded on the floor. Going from a restaurant with linens and a great view to a restroom by a bar with trash all over the floor was not the ideal way to complete the dining experience. So, Food =5 stars, Accessibility=3
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Colleen Montini reviewed The Franciscan Crab

There is an elevator up to the restaurant and, while at first it may seem inaccessible, there are ramps to reach every area including the outdoor patio. We opted for indoors and chairs were quickly removed from a table to accommodate. The clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl was fantastic, as was the chocolate truffle mousse cake. The restrooms were accessible but the surface of the floor was very slippery for crutch tips (I use crutches to help me transfer) even where the floor did not appear to be wet. The doors to the men's and women's rooms are such that they could collide if both are opened at once, so there is signage warning to exit slowly. I did this and there were 3 high chairs stored along the wall which made it impossible for me to turn back out into the restaurant. I flagged down an employee and they were very quick to move the high chairs but not before I got smacked with the men's room door. Awkward for all involved and easy for them to fix. Other than that, the views and the food are fantastic.
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