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Colleen Montini reviewed Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo

This Mission is beautiful and the staff very accommodating and friendly. They have daily Mass at noon and I'd suggest getting there a bit early because the "accessible" entrance requires staff assistance - first they need to find the key to the big doors, then they need to find the ramp, and then they need to find the key to the side door of the chapel. :) The nice part was that they let us keep the ramp during our visit; it was light-weight and portable and we used it several times to get in and out of the various buildings (some chairs could probably make the "jump" into the rooms without a ramp - depends on your chair). There was still one building I couldn't access at all. They do have accessible restrooms but they are in the back and nowhere near the other restrooms - they give you a map and point this out though, which is helpful. In addition to the beautiful grounds and history, they have a fantastic and extensive gift shop and I had no difficulty seeing what I wanted to see.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Guinness Storehouse

I completely concur with Sinisa's review. One additional note would be that if you have a companion, they get in free (this courtesy is extended many places in Ireland - be sure to ask)!
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Michael Zerbo reviewed Disneyland

Part Two: (My girlfriend had more to write but ran out of room)Some of the rides note that they have an "alternate experience" for those who may not be able to do the main ride. We did this for Nemo's Adventure (a submarine ride). They put us in a vault-type thing that looked like a submarine inside and then we watched a movie that was supposed to make us feel like we were in the sub and experiencing the adventure. It was just "okay" but they get an A for effort. The coolest accessible spot they had was at “It’s A Small World”. The boat has a platform that you drive onto and after they secure the chair, the platform rotates and lowers you into the boat so you are facing the same way as everyone else. At the beginning and end of the day we took the bus back to the parking lot and that went very smoothly as well; the buses have lifts and wheelchair spaces and the accessible parking is right near the drop off and pick-up spot.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Disneyland

Pat One: We went on a Wednesday in July. Research said was the least crowded day of the week but apparently that secret is out because it was very crowded! Other than that, the facility is very accessible (and there is plenty of literature detailing which rides are accessible, partially accessible, etc, right down to detailing whether or not you'll need to transfer from your chair). The staff was extremely helpful everywhere we went. I personally do not like the majority of the rides but if you do, you can utilize Fast Pass to avoid much of the waiting in line and sometimes they will allow you to ride twice before exiting. We rode the monorail and the train with ease (I have a motorized chair and I do not transfer). The train has one station out of three that is inaccessible to board from but we were just doing the round-trip so it wasn't an issue. We saw one show and a parade and wheelchair seating was set aside for both. We ate lunch at the Plaza Inn restaurant. There was a line waiting for them to open for lunch but we were escorted up a ramp to the side so we could enter immediately when the time came. This was great except it is buffet style and the silverware and trays are at the main entrance so my boyfriend looked like he was jumping the line when he tried to squeeze in and get those things. We brought it to their attention and they agreed they should have those items at the side entrance as well. The food was fantastic and, while all of the restrooms in the park had great accessibility, the ones outside and behind this restaurant were my favorite because they were a little more out of the main view and therefore less crowded.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Disney California Adventure

This is adjacent to Disneyland and we didn’t spend as much time in this park as the other but it was nice to stroll through and everything was very accessible. We saw one parade and were able watch with an unobstructed view. This park is much less crowded than Disneyland so that makes it easier to move along as well. The only thing we rode was the giant Ferris wheel and they have special cars equipped for wheelchairs to just roll right in. As we were heading back over to the Disneyland side, we noticed they were roping off wheelchair and accessible seating areas to view the water and light show that would happen later that evening.
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Colleen Montini reviewed San Diego Zoo

Visited for the 1st time while visiting the area. I use a motorized wheelchair so we researched online a bit first. Definitely be aware that if you are in a chair, you can get one other person in free as your "companion" but you need to ask - they do not note this anywhere on their pricing boards at the ticket counter. For me personally, some of what the ticket covers were things I would be unable to do but I knew that in advance and my group wasn't planning on using those things anyway. We had a fantastic time! Had to ask for directions a few times and there were plenty of guides around and all were very knowledgeable about the chair accessible routes (and they weren't really out of the way either). The best part about being in a motorized chair at this zoo is that you don't get tired! It is a lot of walking and there are some steep hills so the walkers may need to pace themselves. It was a beautiful day but did get hot in the afternoon; there are plenty of shaded paths and that really helps a lot. We did end up on the sunny paths later in the day so next time I would definitely reverse the order of what we did. We definitely didn't have time to see it all so I will try to make it back the next time I am in the area.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Monterey Bay Aquarium

We went the day after Christmas, which we overheard one of the employees say is their busiest day of the year. It was very crowded but we still had a great time and saw everything we wanted to see. The extended hours were a bonus too. The facility is very wheelchair accessible and most of the time a volunteer anticipated our need for a lift or elevator and pointed out their location to us. This was very helpful because the lifts can be sort of inconspicuous, especially by the sea otters. Besides the sea otters, who can't help but be adorable, one of the best attractions was the area with the jellyfish. Such brilliant colors and variety - they are truly mesmerizing. Really, every exhibit we encountered brought its own sense of awe and wonder and made you feel somehow more connected to the universe. It would be nice to visit again on a day without all the "hustle and bustle" but this was a thoroughly enjoyable day.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Sly Mc Fly's Lunch & Dinner

There are two unisex restrooms that are large enough for a wheelchair but cannot be considered accessible for two reasons. There are no grab bars (although I was able to use the sink because it was so close to the toilet) and the restroom I went into is also being used for storage, which made it very difficult to navigate; in fact, I couldn't open the door completely to get my chair out between the sink and the door and had to rely on the next person waiting for the restroom to assist me with the door.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Coast Inn & Spa

Before we stayed here I read the reviews and noticed the one that says they "discriminate against the disabled" and "have no ramps". I use a motorized wheelchair and when I booked the room I made sure I had one of the accessible ones. There are 3 rooms on the ground level that have a level threshold, the others do have a step or two to the door. There was also a ramp leading into the front desk area and a ramp going up to the jacuzzi area (and they did not look like they had just been put in). The room was not the largest but I still had plenty of room to navigate and the roll-in shower was great (two shower heads and an endless supply of hot water). I usually bring my own shower chair and I did use it because the bench provided was a little too far from the shower controls for me. The bed was very comfortable and it wasn't too high for me to transfer into like a lot of hotel beds are. We were not in the room much other than to sleep and get ready to go out exploring again. Chong was extremely nice and helpful any time we saw her and I did not feel discriminated against one bit.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Crest Theatre

For movies, the accessibility is great, for concerts where people stand, not so much. My boyfriend and I saw Cyndi Lauper here and had wheelchair seating in the back of the main section. The seats were great until the show started and everyone stood up. I'm used to this however and politely asked the gentleman in front of me to stand just a few inches over and then I was able to get glimpses between the two sets of shoulders when she came to that side of the stage. That would have (mostly) worked except no one stayed in their seats and by that I mean that people were coming down from the much higher (and cheaper) seats to stand and crowd directly in front of the stage. People were in the aisles and all up against the stage for the entire show with not one word from the staff. Aside from the obvious fire hazard, the people who paid for the expensive seats now found their view blocked. The people in front of me kept having to shift to see and that meant that I spent most of the show staring at their shirts. The no photos or recording policy was blatantly disregarded as well; there was a guy who recorded the entire show not 5 feet from a security guard. I guess I shouldn't complain about that because some of my best glimpses of her came from phone screens. Guess next time I'll pay a lot less and then just shove my way to the front like everyone else. The staff doesn't seem to care.
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