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Paul Wolfie Pengelly asked question about Nottingham, United Kingdom

when traveling by air from the UK has anybody had any experience taking a folding mobility scooter.and what the cost was or would be or is it simply cheaper to rent when you get there ? Read more Read less

Cancun Caregivers Nurses asked question about Cancun, Mexico

Nurses and carers Cancun is made up of a team of professionals: paramedics , caregivers and specialized nurses who always care for the well-being of patients. We provide the necessary, physical or medical attention and offer first class services. Also support our clients enjoy this paradise that is Cancun, supported visits to the archaeological areas, aquatic experiences between other activities. Read more Read less

Rebecca Ray asked question about Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi, I'm an amputee and I currently use a wheelchair, but I travel all over the world. I started a blog after I became disabled sharing my travel experiences as I too want to help those who travel differently know what's good and what isn't, etc. I wanted to know if you have any recommendations for freelance travel advice and/or if your website needs additional writers. Thank you so much, Rebecca Read more Read less

Stipe Splivalo asked question about Atlanta, United States

One of our members asked a following question: "Any information on accessible traveling in or near Georgia United States?" Read more Read less

Stamatis Chatzichristodoulou reviewed Grand Budapest Penthouse

I forget my watch there, they found it and they don't wanted to give it back. They just have keep the watch. lame
Read more Read less

Stipe Splivalo asked question about Benidorm, Spain

Hi everybody, we have a question from one of our members regarding Benidorm. Person uses an wheelchair, oxygen, suction and is tube fed. We would kindly appreciate information regarding accessible holidays. Thanks! Read more Read less

Stipe Splivalo recommended Dubrovnik Cable Car to Ralf Zimmerbeutel

Hi Ralf, you should also check this one out.
Review: Breathtaking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, and the numerous charming islands.
Read more Read less

Ralf Zimmerbeutel asked question about Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Wir bitten um einen zeitnahes Angebot, und zwar benötigen wir: 1 normales Einzelzimmer und ein barrierefreies Doppelzimmer gewünschter Termin: im September diesen Jahres Dauer: max. 14Tage! Personen: 2 Verpflegung: HP Aussagekräftiges Bildmaterial wird gerne dazu genommen! Für eine faire Provision bei erfolgreicher Vermittlung wären wir dankbar! Für noch offene Fragen stehen wir natürlich zu Verfügung. Vielen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen freundlichst DIE REISEBEGLEITER - betreutes Reisen für Menschen mit gesundheitlichen Einschränkungen und jeden Alters“ Am Holzbeck 2 (Deutschland) 27404 Heeslingen Tel:.+494281- 7173071 Fax: 04281 - 7173072 (das professionelle netzwerk) Thank you for your answer from Mr. Zimmerbeutel Do you need that question still in english for understanding or can you answer in german? Read more Read less

Heather Caldwell Merrell asked question about Juneau, United States

I am a wheelchair user. My husband, son, and I are planning a cruise to Alaska. I am looking for input about the best family friendly cruiselines as well as input about accessibility in Alaskan ports of call. I named Juneau above because I had to pick a city. I don't know if Juneau will be a part of our cruise or not. Thank you in advance! Read more Read less

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