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Sandra Freedman asked question about Louisville, United States

I'd like to take a cruise with a friend who uses an electric wheelchair, are there any cruise lines that have ships with better accessibility? Read more Read less

Andrea Barkovic asked question about Zagreb, Croatia

Hi guys, My friend from London wants to visit Zagreb in spring with her boyfriend. She is a paraplegic that needs fully accessible accommodation. Also she is a bit of a culture buff, so which hotels and museums could you recommend? Thanks, Andrea Read more Read less

Igor Maratovic asked question about Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hi guys, I am a physiotherapist from Zagreb and work with disabled people. Many of them would like to visit Dubrovnik, but never had a chance because they do not know where to stay. Also, money is usually a big problem. Anyone knows about cheaper hotels/hostels in Dubrovnik that can accommodate people in wheelchair? Thank you, Igor Read more Read less

Stipe Splivalo asked question about Korcula, Croatia

Does anyone know some good and wheelchair accessible place to stay in Korcula town? I need unobstructed access to all public areas as well as easy access to the room/bed (if applicable - elevator large enough to take a wheelchair) and no uneven surfaces in the room and bathroom (no thresholds and shower cabin at floor level). It can be a hotel or apartment, doesnt matter. Thank you. Read more Read less

Stipe Splivalo recommended Van Gogh Museum to Mabel

Hi Mabel, you should definitely check this one. I'm sure going to visit it again and who knows, maybe we bump to each other :) Enjoy your stay.
Review: Van Gogh Museum is a great place to visit during your stay in Amsterdam. It has great accessibility for visitors using wheelchair. In front of the museum there is a parking place and your companion is not required to pay the entrance. It has adapted toilets and large enough elevators.
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Mabel asked question about Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm wondering about Amsterdam.. Does anyone know of a fun, barrier-free tourist destination in the city? Read more Read less

Ivan Budiselić reviewed B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa

Spent a days there in an accessible room with an adjoining room for PCAs. The whole hotel is wheelchair accessible and overall pretty nice with super nice employees. The only drawback is that the hotel is on a little hill and the car ramp in front of the hotel is very steep and not really usable for going for walks. There is an elevator on the back that takes you down to the bottom of the hill, but it's on the other side so you need about 15 minutes to get back to the front side. Anyway, the only real problem is that the hotel is pretty expensive, but I guess that's normal for Zurich.
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Stipe Splivalo recommended Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park to Ultraviolett Fox

Enjoy your trip :)
Review: I was staying in this hotel with an assistant, we were on a business trip and I was traveling with my manual wheelchair. This hotel has almost all accessibility that I needed since I would prefer roll-in shower, not shallow bathtub. Exept that fact, everything else was nice, large bathroom, elevated toilet...
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Siniša Kekić reviewed Guinness Storehouse

This is a great place to soak up Irish history and at the same time witness all the innovations, excellence and attention to details of a global scale mass production in a few hours. As a big Guinness fan, I would highly recommend this historically such an important ground for many Dublin families. The personal touch is ever so present and the experience is topped with a complimentary pint of ''Plain'' offering a stunning panorama of the entire Dublin. And the best of all, it's all wheelchair accessible!
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