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Joyce Glucksman asked question about Johannesburg, South Africa

Does anybody have feedback on Endeavor Safaris, Epic-Enabled, or the Safari Shop or other companies that do tours in those countries? Read more Read less

Alan Duboyce asked question about Fort Myers, United States

Looking for an accessible Place 2 Rent for a Month in the Winter, either January, February, or March that is wheelchair accessible? I am not a rich man, and it does not have to be on the beach! Just somewhere in the Ft Myers Area. I lived in Ft Myers, Florida for 20 years, but I am having a hard time finding an accessible place to rent for a Month, or even less? If You could point Me i the right directions, and or the right contacts I do know the area quite well and would be interested. Thank You, Alan Duboyce Read more Read less

David Klingensmith asked question about Boulder, United States

Hello. I am looking for any information regarding wheelchair accessible hiking trails around the state of Colorado. I am trying to make a guidebook of accessible hiking trails throughout the state. I was wondering if anyone has heard of some good examples. These trails do not need to be officially labeled as “accessible”, but they should be accessible enough that a majority of standard manual wheelchair users could navigate through them easily enough. The two main criteria that I am using are that the trail is wheelchair accessible, and that there is a noticeable amount of nature going through the trail. Read more Read less

Colleen Montini reviewed Sutter's Fort

The terrain can be a little rough in places and not all of the rooms are wheelchair accessible but they really do their best to be accommodating and there is plenty to see. We have been several times for different "hands-on-history" events and such (where volunteers dress like the 1850's and they do all sorts of demonstrations) and they offer a binder at the ticket counter that has pictures of what's inside any of the areas you may not be able to access (if they don't offer it, ask - sometimes the volunteers may forget). The gift shop has a ramp but is fairly small and could be challenging for some to navigate - however it is worth it for the old-fashioned store feeling, as well as the historic books, toys, and trinkets. There is a restroom inside the fort but the public ones just outside the fort's walls are much more accessible. The grounds have a peaceful duck pond, lots of grassy areas to picnic or relax, and are also the home to the State Indian Museum, also accessible.
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Colleen Montini reviewed The Forum

This a new concert venue that opened in February 2015. We went to the Rush concert in July, while on vacation. Accessible parking was plentiful and roped off separately (we did get there early though) and there are ramps up to the entrances of the building. There are accessible seating options on all levels and we were in the lower tier, where the back row was a row of folding chairs and they just removed what was necessary for the wheelchair. An attendant actually came to see if I would need any assistance or wanted anything from the snack bars and she escorted me to the nearest accessible restroom when I asked about their location before the show. There were two accessible stalls, one wide enough for the chair and one with just the bars. I was really impressed because during the show, she came up and warned me that intermission was coming up soon, in case I wanted to use the restroom and beat the crowd. This facility is spotlessly clean, the seats were fantastic (the slope allows for a clear line of sight even when the rows in front of you stand), and the staff was amazing. I wished we lived closer to this venue!
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Colleen Montini reviewed Croke Park

Was here in 2009 for the U2 concert which, as you may imagine, was sold out. When we bought the accessible tix, they couldn't tell us where the seats were but we did get one free "companion" ticket (!). When we arrived at the concert, we were directed to someone who would show us to our seats - which were on a platform right next to the stage! Fantastic! The platform was raised above the folks who had VIP standing room tickets in front of the stage and we were assured an unobstructed view because they actually had staff dedicated to asking people who stood in front of us on the platform to sit back down! I don't recall too much of the restrooms other than that I had no trouble using them - so they must have been accessible. :)
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Colleen Montini reviewed Esquire IMAX Theatre

There are several wheelchair accessible options for this theatre, both in the back row and also closer to the screen (accessible by elevator, which an attendant escorts you down). From the diagram at the ticket counter, you may think the side seats in the back aren't that great but they actually give you just as good a view of the screen as the others.
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Colleen Montini reviewed Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant

This place is right across the alley from the IMAX theater and we went here before our movie because they give you 15% off if you have your movie ticket stub (excluding alcohol). The tables are widely spaced so it is easy to get around the restaurant in a chair. We both got Bento boxes and they came with a ton of food. The sesame chicken had a very light batter that wasn't too much and had a slight crunch to it - perfect. The restroom gets an A+, for my particular needs anyway; very spacious, single occupant restroom with plenty of grab bars and everything at the perfect height. Bonus points for the full-length mirror and the door that didn't weigh 500 lbs. Service was quick and pleasant. We will be back.
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Kat Ruffins asked question about New York, United States

Are there any cruise lines that both leave and return to NYC? Both my brother and I are disabled and he's in a wheelchair and it would be easier if he didn't have to fly. Read more Read less

Colleen Montini reviewed Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo

This Mission is beautiful and the staff very accommodating and friendly. They have daily Mass at noon and I'd suggest getting there a bit early because the "accessible" entrance requires staff assistance - first they need to find the key to the big doors, then they need to find the ramp, and then they need to find the key to the side door of the chapel. :) The nice part was that they let us keep the ramp during our visit; it was light-weight and portable and we used it several times to get in and out of the various buildings (some chairs could probably make the "jump" into the rooms without a ramp - depends on your chair). There was still one building I couldn't access at all. They do have accessible restrooms but they are in the back and nowhere near the other restrooms - they give you a map and point this out though, which is helpful. In addition to the beautiful grounds and history, they have a fantastic and extensive gift shop and I had no difficulty seeing what I wanted to see.
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