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Valley of the Fallen – Monastery of El Escorial – Segovia

Accessible Tour (Full Day)
A fantastic full day accessible guided tour visiting the Valley of the Fallen, El Escorial Monastery and Segovia. A private accessible wheelchair minivan. Involves a bit of walking/rolling. A free scooter is included.
Valley of the Fallen: The Valley of the Fallen is located about 9 kilometers from El Escorial. This is a huge monument built to honor the Spaniards killed during the civil war. The basilica carved into the mountain at 1,350 meters above sea level, where an impressive cross of 150 meters high is overlooking the magnificent nature reserve of the Sierra de Madrid where the valley is located. The inside of the basilica is not wheelchair accessible. A visit included.

Monastery of El Escorial: This wonderful building is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. El Escorial was built as a symbol of the strength of the Spanish empire in the sixteenth century and commemorates the Battle of San Quentin. It is also the mausoleum of King Charles V. During the visit you enter the palace of the Habsburgs, to the Pantheon of the kings, Chapter Rooms, the Patio de los Reyes, the Crypt for the Princes and Princess, the impressive Library and the Basilica. Some rooms of the Monasterio de El Escorial are not wheelchair accessible. A visit included.

Segovia (stop for lunch in a traditional restaurant): Segovia is one of the most famous historical cities of Spain. It is located in the region of Castilla y León just an hour drive from Madrid. It is a must-see city due to its collection of historical monuments along with its beauty. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985. Highlights of Segovia:

  • The Roman aqueduct. Incredible feat of engineering, built entirely without mortar during the reign of Augustus in the 1st century AD. The Aqueduct has 16 kilometers long.
  • The famous Alcazar. A beautiful 11th-century medieval fort that inspired the design of Disney’s fairytale castle. A visit included.
  • The Cathedral. The last Gothic cathedral built in Spain and known as ‘the Lady of the Cathedrals’. A visit included.

Tour conditions: Visits inside the Valley of the Fallen, El Escorial Monastery and Cathedral / Alcazar in Segovia are included in this tour. Cancellation and

Refund Policy: 85% refund with at least a 15 day notice, 50% refund with at least a 4 day notice, no refund with less than a 4 day notice. In those Tours or Packages with airline, boat or train tickets reservations, the customer will pay the entire cost the service. Also applicable for hotel and van reservation costs. The tour does not include snacks, drinks, meals nor tips.



Transportation: wheelchair adapted minivan
Tour duration: full day
Tour days: every day (Mon-Sun)
Meet-up: 9 am (hotel lobby)
Max. number of people: 1 wheelchair user + 3 companions

€690 for 1-2 people (from €345 per person)
€750 for 3-4 people (from €187 per person)
813 EUR for 5-6 people, 936 EUR for 7-8 people