Alan Duboyce asked question about Fort Myers, United States

Looking for an accessible Place 2 Rent for a Month in the Winter, either January, February, or March that is wheelchair accessible? I am not a rich man, and it does not have to be on the beach! Just somewhere in the Ft Myers Area. I lived in Ft Myers, Florida for 20 years, but I am having a hard time finding an accessible place to rent for a Month, or even less? If You could point Me i the right directions, and or the right contacts I do know the area quite well and would be interested. Thank You, Alan Duboyce Read more Read less

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Joyce Glucksman asked question about Johannesburg, South Africa

Does anybody have feedback on Endeavor Safaris, Epic-Enabled, or the Safari Shop or other companies that do tours in those countries? Read more Read less

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sharon asked question about Frankfurt, Germany

Sorry I haven't specified where I want to travel to but my partner has CP and uses a fixed hoist for getting in and out of bed because he is scared of portable hoists. My question is does any member know of any accommodation that provides fixed hoists in bedrooms please. Any response would be greatly appreciated Read more Read less

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Michael Tarulli asked question about Stockholm, Sweden

I'm looking for long term fully furnished accomodation in Sodermalm - accessibility preferred - I'm a paraplegic walker. I'm set to be there in April 28. Also, to make life easy for me I need to know who I can obtain medical information from or use as a resource such our equivalent of AQA and Independence Australia? I'm staying between 6 months to a year. Need to source medical equipment such as Speedicaths or similar from these places. Your help is much appreciated. Michael Read more Read less

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Brett Makings Mako asked question about Tokyo, Japan

tokyo hotels with roll in shower Read more Read less

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Lauren asked question about Perth, Australia

Hi my name is Lauren I am an Occupational Therapy student currently on placement at the Independent Living Centre Western Australia. As part of my placement here I am doing some research into the accessibility of travel for people with disabilities. I will be creating an information handout that aims to provide useful tips and information to individuals living in W.A. wishing to travel with restricted mobility. I was hoping to get some answers to questions from people with a lived experience! 1. What is the one piece of advice you wish you had before your first flight/travelling experience? 2. I am aware that wider bodied aircraft have ‘accessible’ toilets, has anyone used one of these- what makes them more accessible? Is it just a matter of more space or are there other features? Read more Read less

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Martin Heng asked question about Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dear Sinisa, I am wondering whether you received my earlier message sent to you via LinkedIn. In case you didn't, here it is again. I would also like to ask you if you could contribute to my next project: a multilanguage phrasebook for travelling with a disability. I have a template with just under 100 words and phrases. I'm hoping you can translate them into Polish. Although I cannot offer to pay you, I will give you full acknowledgement and print your website next to your name as the translator. If you are interested, I will send you the template as well as the official Lonely Planet guide to pronunciation. I do hope you can contribute to this new product that will help disabled travellers get around the world more easily. I since any hope you can find the time to help me as I believe that this product will make a great difference to travellers with a disability. Best wishes, Martin Read more Read less

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Olivier asked question about Zagreb, Croatia

Could someone give me the link to know if the bus from the airport to the city center of Zagreb is wheelchair accessible? thanks Read more Read less

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Tino Vodanovic asked question about Heraklion, Greece

Hi, can someone please suggest me a accessibe and clean place in Heeraklion for two persons where I can stay for a week at an affordable price Read more Read less

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Mirjam asked question about Marseille, France

Hi all, I am looking for a reliable company that can offer accessible tours, incl adapted transport in Marseille. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks! Mirjam Read more Read less

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